A downloadable game for Windows

We're building a dynamic RTS game that can challenge the skill of seasoned gamers like ourselves without introducing new brain twisting mechanics into the genre.

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We exhaustively analyzed classic RTS titles we all love and purified the gameplay to keep only the most fun parts:

  • Straightforward economy
  • Rapid decision making
  • Constant enemy pressure
  • Thoughtful air/ground balance
  • PvP and Co-op modes

Earth Liberation is crafted as a set of single player challenges (we'll keep adding many more after the release) that are designed to reveal the action right from the beginning. We're proud to bring beautiful human vs. alien massacre to your screens to help us cover the relaxing natural landscapes with green blood of a recently exploded flying lizard.

Existing Features:

  • Engaging background story
  • Short, intensive play sessions
  • Meticulous, individual mission scenario design
  • Customizable defensive and offensive tactics using air and ground units
  • Each type of unit serves a specific purpose during battles
  • Progressive gameplay difficulty
  • Variety of battle landscapes
  • Unique artwork and game design

Features we are working on:

  • Many more missions
  • Additional units
  • More landscapes
  • Bigger maps for bigger battles
  • Multiplayer modes - PvP and Co-op
  • Special units upgrading
  • Steam achievements
  • Improved graphics
  • Text and audio versions of background story
  • New audio and soundtrack

Install instructions

You can download our free demo at the link below.

If you would like a MacOS version, please send us a mail: PR[@]porovovozstudios.com


Earth_Liberation_PC Demo.zip 312 MB


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Units are far too dangerous to themselves than their enemies, as they'll shove one another into the way of danger, or flat out get confused and give up trying to path to a location, There's also Zero means to keep units in different squadrons So you don't indirectly send mortar men with the choppers and end up getting themselves killed, That and the enemy spam is fairly annoying on mission 5 as the turrets feel borderline useless and there's no means to increase your funding to counteract their hordes thus causing you to be fighting a losing battle up hill, Other than that it's a somewhat decent game but Mission five either needs to have more time, Or we need to be able to improve our units or income rate, lest players be locked down.

This game looks very cool, it has a lot of similarities with Starcraft, especially the graphics design, but still, has some originality.

Excellent game! I'm unable to get past the 5th level though. I figured out the strategy (as hinted by the mission name) but time seems to be insufficient.

i just played the Demo

This game is so fun. I didn't make it very far because I got way out numbered. 


Nice game


There appears to be quite a huge memory leak. When one of the helicopters fires it's missiles at an air unit and the air unit dies before the missile lands, the missile will continue to fly off the map for the rest of the game. Once a significant amount of these builds up the frame rate starts tanking. Missiles should keep track of their original target (What they were intended to fire against) and if that target dies while it is alive it should just be removed.

I enjoyed EL a lot (it seems stuck after lvl 5 though).

Hi iwan,

The demo is only 5 missions long by design. The current Early Access version with a total of 7 missions is available on our Steam page. We will be making updates with additional missions and features as well as general improvements on a regular basis.

Earth Liberation is coming to Steam Early Access on December 15th, 2016


We are also running a Headtalker campaign. Please help us share the news. With your support we can destroy the aliens.



Oh wow, can we get this on Linux? Would like to cover it on www.gamingonlinux.com <3


Hi, we are planning to release a Linux version in the near future. We will be sure to let you know when it is available.

That's amazing news, RTS is my favourite genre and it looks like you have something my readers would be very interested in!

Nothing against you at all, but I've always wanted to ask, Why don't people build linux-friendly from the start? OpenGL vs directx is the most noteable descision that perplexes me. Could you provide some insight into the advantages of doing two seperate releases?